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Paperoverload2Welcome to RFQ Software. We have made it our mandate to provide purchasing professionals software to replace the manual and laborious task of requesting pricing from Suppliers aka RFQ’s. What is a RFQ? RFQ is an acronym procurement professionals use for the term Request for Quote or Quotation. It is the practice of soliciting competitive pricing for goods and services from approved vendors. Providing software to assist with this onerous task is what we believe we have accomplished with RFQPro .

In the typical office workplace you will find accounting, purchasing, estimating, anti-virus as well as other software programs. RFQ Software has partnered with RFQPro to develop what we believe is a set of tools which every Buyer, Secretary, Purchasing Manager will be excited to have as part of their arsenal. Our resources are all about making the procurement job more effective and efficient.

What Software is supposed to do is create efficiencies which permit employees to be more productive in our everyday work related tasks. RFQPro Software is a unique solution developed for those in the procurement field. It is Request for Quote Software developed by purchasing people for purchasing people. Visit our software home page for your free trial.


Buyer 1Estimating software is used in a variety of industries and can have different meanings to each organization. Our RFQ Software works with vendors to help provide on-line responses to Buyer generated RFQ’s and RFP‘s. This would be considered part of the estimation process. As a Vendor you need to provide a quotation to your customer. Your customer may be using your quotations as part of a larger project they hope to get approved.

A small investment in an estimating software program will pay big dividends by improving your organizations productivity, increase your accuracy, assist with tracking projects and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Building an accurate and comprehensive estimate should not be stressful and not something you dread doing. Estimating software can help you gain a competitive advantage by managing your preparation of bids, job costs and inclusion of subcontractor bids.

When you determine you are in the market for software this is when most organization make mistakes. Assemble a small lead team representative of the user group. Have them demo/test various products and then make a recommendation as to which product presently meets most of your needs. Avoid having a senior manager go out and make a purchase based on cost and their ideas of what works or what will integrate with existing platforms.


BiddingThere all several types of bidding software programs. Ones which Snipe or bid automatically for you by placing your bids at the last possible moment, improving your chances for success in an online auction environment. RFQPro is not a snipe software tool but it will assist you with delivering request for quotations to vendors electronically. It is all about making the Buyers job easier and their work day more efficient. This software will save you time and money by automating responses, award and other procurement related notifications. All bids are sorted and aggregated for review and award. Vendors will benefit by eliminating incoming fax request, expediting delivery or return of quote requests and filing. We help both sides simplify the RFQ and RFP process.

RFQ Software provides the Buyer (owner, purchaser) with ability to automate the RFQ process, eliminate repetitive tasks and it encourages the bidding process. Your vendors / suppliers will truly appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of the program, the history retention and reporting features.

Let RFQPro help you focus on other priorities. Request your free trial today.

Business Software

softwareBusiness Software is a huge category. It covers a wide variety of applications and programs which can help both small and large organizations effectively manage their business. To effectively manage your business one could use Software to manage the following functions: Accounting, Purchasing, Invoicing, Inventory, Billing, Estimating, Payroll, Tracking, Project Management, Construction, Human Resources (HR), Customers aka CRM and there is much more….whew!

Accounting Software will help you manage costs, accounts receivable, accounts payable and it provides critical information managers can use to determine profitability, reporting and the overall health of the organization. For any business to succeed, managers need accurate and reflective numbers. These numbers can help determine which areas require attention and which areas that are operating efficiently. Good accounting programs help to make this task of reporting and costing easier.

If the Purchasing Software talks to the Accounting Software it can eliminate duplication by integrating details of purchase order costs, inventory costs, contract pricing, receipt of goods and so on. Accounting can pay with confidence knowing the acquisition or approved cost of goods purchased is accurate. Payments can be made based on terms negotiated or issued against the company purchase order and only paid once they have been shipped, physically received, counted and entered by your receiving department.

Often Business Software is selected based on cost and it is typically purchased without consideration of the needs of other user groups. Accounting might buy a software module based on their requirements and how it will help them and this is done without input from Purchasing, Inventory or say the Construction group. This approach often leads to costly customization work or departmental inefficiencies. These weaknesses increase labor and operating costs so it is important to have representatives from all the user groups part of the selection process. Each potential user group should develop a list of features which are prioritized and put into two different categories — “needs” and “wants”.

We have barely touched some of the applications or uses for business software and how it can impact the bottom line of your operation. Looking for more information on request for quote software consider checking out, free trials? Good luck with your search.

RFQ Resources

Resources for both the Buyer and Supplier

Buyer TemplatesRFQ Software by RFQPro expedites the request for quotation process by streamlining the tasks required to solicit bids from suppliers. We have developed RFQ Software and an on-line portal to assist all buyers with this task. If you are quoting your goods and services you are ensuring your organization is getting the best possible goods at the most competitive prices.

We have plenty of resources to assist you in your field. You can download free RFQ templates by visiting In addition to the many free templates that are available, we supply comprehensive RFQ and RFP sample templates which can be purchased in one of our many template packs. These packs target different areas of responsibility: Contracts and Agreements; Vendor Response; Policy; Performance; Safety; and Procurement related RFQ/RFP Templates. is our sister site and the same templates are available on this website.

We are looking forward to the release of our RFQ Software which eliminates the antiquated ways of manually managing your RFQ process. This revolutionary on-line application provides a step by step process to help you save money on goods and services.

Update: RFQPro Request for Quote Software officially launched, April 2010. We have since added further functionality and White Label Solutions which permit our clients to custom brand and load our solution onto private servers for their proprietary use.