4 Useful Ways that Tracking Your Vehicle is Beneficial

By | 20/07/2018

Being able to track a vehicle, whether it’s your family SUV or one vehicle in a fleet at the office, is hugely beneficial. You’d probably be surprised by how many ways GPS tracking can come in handy.

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Here are 4 useful ways that tracking is helpful.

Protect Against Theft

One of the main reasons for having a GPS vehicle tracking system is to have a way to trace the vehicle should it get stolen. Having a way to know where the vehicle has been spirited off to and being able to pass that information to local authorities is invaluable. They no longer must put out a request for officers to be on the lookout for the stolen vehicle or hope it gets driven erratically and causes an officer to look up the plate. With GPS tracking, it short-cuts the whole process and provides actionable information to help them close the case quickly. For law enforcement, this lets them clear another case quickly which makes their clearance figures look better too.

Tracking the Vehicle When the Teenage Son/Daughter Borrows It

When your son or daughter goes for a joy ride or asks permission to borrow the family car, where they go can be tracked. It’s more discrete than tracking their phone, so they’re not going to think of it. This is useful when they’re still a teenager and you’re concerned about where they might be driving to at odd hours of the day or night. For worried parents, tracking their vehicle provides a sleep-at-night factor that’s not to be discounted.

Testing the Cost Per Mile Across Different Terrain

Seeing how much gasoline is costing to take different trips is a useful way of determining why you’re perhaps going through so much fuel every month. If you’re wanting to trim your driving expenses down, then a little investigation into how the vehicle is consuming so much gas is a good place to start, and you can do this in-part with a GPS.  Many GPS systems now record the routes you follow, so you can check these, along with the mileage and the amount of gas used after every journey.

You may be surprised about the cost savings when you take a different route to the one you usually take – let alone the additional wear on the tires too.

Knowing Where the Vehicle Fleet is Located & Studying Behavior

If you’re operating a fleet of vehicles for a company whether it’s more of a small mom and pop operation or something more substantial, it helps to know where every truck, van or car is located at any given time. A stationary vehicle for longer than an agreed lunchbreak could be cause for concern. Perhaps some drivers are taking longer breaks than authorized and driving recklessly to make up for time lost to stay on schedule? Also, if a vehicle is off their approved route, this can be verified to find out what the reason is for the unexpected deviation.

Using smart technology like the global positioning system applies eye-in-the-sky tech to vehicle safety, tracing and re-acquisition issues. Whatever the reason for considering a GPS tracking system, look for extra features to get even more value from it. That way, the cost is easier to justify too.