Optimize Signup Forms

By | 09/01/2019

Nowadays, Sending emails at the appropriate time, personalizing with welcome messages for engagement is not much important. We are here to acknowledge you how to optimize sign up forms to boost your customer lists.

Signup Forms

The priority factor for most of the marketers is growing email list and engaging with subscribers. We have provided ways for optimizing sign up forms to raise conversion rates.

1.    Forms Visibility

On increasing visibility of signup forms on your website will raise forms conversion rates. Most of the website owners place their sign up forms on the bottom of the website (below the fold).  Due to this, you will lose your potential clients because most of the visitors will not see it.

To make your form visible to visitors, place it above the fold on your website. However, this help to view the signup form instantly on landing on your website.

2. Fewer Fields

You have to make the signup form very simple and quick to fill. Don’t overload the signup form with unnecessary fields. You shouldn’t think to grab all the details of your visitors at a go. If you make the signup form simple with limited fields that increase the conversion rate by 25%. One more thing, you should make mobile number field as optional to avoid increase of abandon rate.

3. Why Captcha?

Captcha is a simple test in the signup form to get human signups and keeps away spambots. But, people find it difficult to enter text from an un-cleared image. Whether to use captcha or not purely depends on you. Initially, test your conversion rate with captcha and without captcha. If you find increased conversion rates, and fewer spam signups without captcha then don’t use it.

4. Social Proof

Whether to add social proof or not is also depends on the conversion rates. If you increase conversion rates with social proof like “Join email marketers of 1,00,00 who receives our newsletter”. In case, you find any noticeable difference add it else continue without it.

5. Color Of Signup Form

Use the logo color of the brand to the signup form for making subscribers feel connected to your brand. Most of the people will not consider it. But the color of the form also plays a major role in grabbing your subscriber’s attention. Else you can test with various colors and find the one which attracts most of the customers.

6. What To Expect On Signup

You have to let them know, what they can get on signup to avoid blocking after receiving email. This is the best way to acknowledge regarding your emails to reach their expectations.  After submitting the signup form, you have to thank them and provide a preference center link to choose which type of emails they are interested to receive. This makes your signup form more personalized, and you can achieve more engagement rates.

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