Who Is a Network Support Technician?

A network support technician is not just any customer service representative. They are one of the best jobs in a call center. They do a job that no other employee could do, as they are trained for and equipped to handle network issues, and have the skill set to deal with customers of all kinds, at all times.

Network support technicians take on a variety of responsibilities, each day.

They can be seen in a variety of capacities, but one of the most critical aspects of their work is assisting customers in troubleshooting computer problems. In addition to this, they may also be called upon to troubleshoot the entire server of an IT department.

While a support technician may often be called in to resolve issues of a technical nature, they may also be required to identify and resolve several customer issues as well. Sometimes this is with the help of the IT department. The IT department is also equipped to provide assistance with many aspects of technology, such as hardware, software, networks, and security issues.

The main duties of a network support technician include answering calls for a wide variety of functions. They may be asked to troubleshoot different types of issues, including application problems, hardware, system maintenance, desktop, and server issues, etc. These types of issues are the ones that require the most skills, experience, and knowledge of technology to be able to resolve.

The most common duties of a network support technician include the following:

Systems Management: Networks administrators are responsible for the maintenance of computer systems in a network, as well as helping to maintain data port security. Systems management also takes care of resolving issues relating to network switches, routers, and even firewalls.

Network Support Technician: Network support technicians may sometimes be tasked with the role of a customer service representative.

Although this may not be the primary job of a network support technician, the support provided by technicians for customers who call may be an important function for a company to undertake.

Server Support Technician: Servers are devices that are used to manage a company’s computer system. In many situations, it is the server that will be hosting the customer’s information, as well as handling incoming business from clients. Due to this, servers often need to be able to properly support a variety of different platforms, including Microsoft Windows and UNIX servers.

LAN Support Technician: This is actually the least known of the technician jobs. This is also a job for IT support technicians and is often filled by a support technician who is hired through the use of an agency.

The main duties of a network support technician include the following:

Customer Support: When calling for help with the IT department or the client, network support technicians will likely be asked for assistance.

  • This often means assisting the customer in troubleshooting their computer and resolving issues in general.
  • Last but not least, a network support technician is not simply someone who can fix a computer or console up a server.
  • They can be the heart of a large IT department, or an asset for small businesses.

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